Projects & History

The Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership (FRFTP) was initiated following the record fire season of 2002. It is comprised of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Pike National Forest, Colorado State Forest Service, Rocky Mountain National Park and Rocky Mountain Research Station. FRFTP was formed to reduce wildland fire risks through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range.

Past Fuels Reduction Projects


FRFTP Project Map

Swayback/Jenny Gulch Timber Sale

2006 - The Swayback/Jenny Gulch Timber Sale was Phase II of the Swayback/Jenny Gulch Good Neighbor Project, a joint effort of the Colorado State Forest Service, Denver Water, Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership and USDA Forest Service. The purpose of the project was to restore ponderosa pine forests to more closely resemble pre-settlement conditions, improve forest health and reduce wildfire hazards.

More about the Swayback/Jenny Gulch Timber Sale (248 KB pdf)

The Long Gulch Firebreak Project

2006 - The Long Gulch Firebreak Project was part of a comprehensive fuels treatment plan for Denver Water's properties in the Lower North Fork. The project provided an opportunity for the State Wildfire Inmate Fire Teams (SWIFT) and Colorado State Forest Service employees to prepare for future fire seasons.

More about the LGF Project (330 KB pdf)

Long Gulch Firebreak Project Poster (389 KB pdf)

Long Gulch Firebreak Project Factsheet (158 KB pdf)

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests

2003 hazardous fuels projects (143 KB pdf)

2003 Boulder & Clear Creek Ranger Districts (110 KB pdf)

2004 Canyon Lakes Ranger District, Sulphur Ranger District (113 KB pdf)

Colorado State Forest Service

Winiger Ridge

Upper South Platte Watershed Protection and Restoration

Colorado State Parks

2005/2006 - Mueller State Park Wildfire Mitigation Project (249 KB pdf)

Pike National Forest

2003 Hazardous Fuels Reduction Activities (88 KB pdf)

Rocky Mountain National Park & Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

2006 Fuels Management Activities (4 KB pdf)

2005 Fuels Management Activities (33 KB pdf)

2004 Fuels Management Activities (165 KB pdf)

2003 Fuels Management Activities (151 KB pdf)