Research & Education

Research and education are valuable components of the FRFTP strategy. Community and ecosystem sustainability can only be achieved by hazardous fuels treatments based on proven methods that factor in short-range, as well as long-term environmental and economic impacts.

Research Website Links

Rocky Mountain Research Station Fuels Planning: Science Synthesis and Integration Project available to download from the USDA Forest Service, RMRS publications library.

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network - A Joint Fire Science Program knowledge exchange consortium

USFS Research - Online publications available to download from the USDA Forest Service Treesearch library. The Rocky Mountain Research Station and other stations publications are included in the library.

Watershed Wildfire Protection

Learning from Experience - A case description of the Upper South Platte Watershed Protection and Restoration Project

Protecting Critical Watersheds in Colorado from Wildfire: A Technical Approach to Watershed Assessment and Prioritization Revised August 2009 (8 MB pdf)
In this report, the Front Range Watershed Protection Data Refinement Work Group - one of three sub-work groups formed to implement the strategy of the Front Range Watershed Wildfire Protection Working Group - adapted and refined the methods used by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation in 2007 to assess individual watersheds within the 10-county area served by the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership and Roundtable. The work group reviewed additional information and created a template for watershed assessments to identify critical watersheds that supply community or municipal water.

Executive summary of the report (514 KB pdf)

Abstract of the 2007 Pinchot Institute Assessment Report (27 KB pdf) - See below for the full report and executive summary

Rocky Mountain Region - Water Emphasis: Front Range Watershed-Wildfire Effort (18 KB pdf)

Protecting Front Range Forest Watersheds from High-Severity Wildfires (2.4 MB pdf)

This 2007 study was conducted by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation and funded by the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership. It assessed the critical issue of the threat of high-severity wildfires to Colorado Front Range communities and their water supplies. An executive summary of the report also is available. (329 KB pdf)

Ponderosa Pine Photo Series

A photo guide for appraising downed woody masticated fuels in interior ponderosa pine forests on the Colorado Front Range is the first in a four-part series. Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a few minutes to download. (4.4 MB pdf)

Fuel Modeling and Smoke Management

The Kennedy Gulch prescribed burn demonstrated the wide variety of fuel loading found on masticated areas. (93 KB pdf)

Educational Publications

Downloadable fact sheets containing information about hazardous fuels treatment, fire mitigation or prevention, or forest health and restoration.