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Colorado Forest Products - A consumer awareness/product branding program for marketing small-diameter wood products from forest restoration and fuels reduction efforts in Colorado forests.

Colorado Wood Utilization & Marketing Program - The Colorado Wood Utilization and Marketing Program works to support and expand Colorado's forest-based business sectors by providing education, technical assistance, applied research and advocacy through a team of highly specialized individuals. Their vision is to Increase the utilization of Colorado's wood and lower the cost of forest management.

Community Wildfire Protection Planning - Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) represent the best opportunity we have to address the challenges of the wildland-urban interface (WUI) in a way that brings about comprehensive and locally supported solutions.

Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA's continuing mission within the new department is to lead the effort to prepare the nation for all hazards and effectively manage federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates proactive mitigation activities, trains first responders, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program.

Firewise Communities - The national Firewise Communities program is a multi-agency effort designed to reach beyond the fire service by involving homeowners, community leaders, planners, developers and others in the effort to protect people, property and natural resources from the risk of wildland fire - before a fire starts.

National Fire Plan - The National Fire Plan was developed in August 2000, following a landmark wildland fire season, with the intent of actively responding to severe wildland fires and their impacts to communities while ensuring sufficient firefighting capacity for the future.

National Interagency Fire Center - The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho is the nation’s support center for wildlandfirefighting. Seven federal and state agencies call NIFC home and work together to coordinate and support wildland fire and disaster operations.

Natural Resources Grants & Assistance Database - Search for grants and assistance programs sponsored by federal, state and private organizations that promote the health and welfare of Colorado's forests, communities and economy.

Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association - The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA) is a non-profit insurance communications organization and represents property and casualty insurers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. RMIIA has partnered with the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership, Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership Roundtable, U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service and Colorado Division of Emergency Management to provide homeowners information on protecting and insuring their properties against wildfires. Download the Wildfire and Insurance brochure.

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network - A Joint Fire Science Program knowledge exchange consortium that supports fire science and ensures the use of credible fire science between researchers, managers and the public.

Western Forestry Leadership Coalition - The Western Forestry Leadership Coalition administers programs that assist family forest-owners, rural and state fire organizations, and community forestry groups.