Whose Included & Project Accomplishments

Who is Included in the South Platte Community Plan?

South Platte map.The South Platte area encompasses rural mountain communities in the Upper South Platte Watershed 40 miles southwest of the Denver metropolitan area. The area is a critical water supply to the City of Denver and surrounding metropolitan areas, supplying over 80 percent of their water needs.

Over 200 permanent and recreational home sites are scattered throughout 45,500 acres including the neighborhoods of Nighthawk, Nighthawk Hill, Scraggy View, Oxyoke, Swayback Ranch, Trumbull, Snow Water Springs, Deckers, Lazy Gulch, Springs Creek, Horse Creek, Sprucewood, Russell Ridge, Bear Mountain and home sites along Y Camp Road and Highway 126. Private parcels are surrounded by Pike National Forest lands as well as lands and cabins owned by Denver Water. 










What has been Accomplished So Far and What's Still to be Done?

Nearly 30,000 acres have been treated on USFS, Denver Water, and private land of the South Platte area. In addition, the State Forest Service completed detailed home assessments for nearly every private residential site and will be sharing the results of that assessment with individual landowners. The Number 1 priority continues to be working with the neighborhoods and with individuals to accomplish treatment on all the lands, both public and private, in the South Platte community.

Priority 1

Areas around home sites, neighborhoods and roads, including defensible space and forest thinning

Priority 2

Road corridors and along selected ATV trails

Priority 3

Interior areas - Areas between neighborhoods, roads and trails 

Ox Yoke Before TreatmentOx Yoke After Treatment

                                        Ox Yoke Defensible Space Before and After Treatment