About the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership

The Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership (FRFTP) was initiated following the record fire season of 2002. It is comprised of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Pike National Forest, Colorado State Forest Service, Rocky Mountain National Park and Rocky Mountain Research Station. FRFTP was formed to reduce wildland fire risks through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range.

FRFTP Beginnings

A July 2003 highlight of FRFTP strategies and goals, including the Partnership's organizational layout; hazardous fuel conditions assessment along Colorado's Front Range; project prioritization and collaboration; FY2003-2012 activities; outputs and funding needs; and strategy implementation challenges.

Rapid Assessment Maps

The following national forest maps illustrate fuel conditions along the Colorado Front Range and delineate areas of low to very high hazard, risk and value.

FRFTP Partnership Update

Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership Map

The map illustrates the 10 counties in the Partnership area that are along Colorado's Front Range, as well as public and private lands within that area.