Chronic stress can cause memory problems and affect cognitive abilities Journal of Science

Chronic stress can cause memory problems and affect cognitive abilities

New research published in the journal „Neurology” The study showed that higher levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, in b in middle age is associated with a minimally smaller volume of m zgu. These people have r also have memory problems and significantly lower scores on cognitive tests.

The analysis involved more than 2,000 healthy volunteers in middle age. The researchers found that people with higher blood cortisol levels performed worse on memory tests and had a slightly reduced volume of m zg in cf compared to those with normal levels. The effect was more pronounced among d women.

The authors noted in their paper that their findings do not imply that stress causes damage to m zgu. Rather, the study highlights the link between stress and m zgu. Similar results were obtained in a study on mice.

Stress is a natural part of life as the body reacts in the face of danger or other threats. Cortisol is central to this response. In stressful situations, cortisol levels rise and along with another hormone – adrenaline – signals the body to react – fight or flight.

Cortisol increases blood sugar levels by increasing its use by m zg for energy production. This in turn suppresses bodily functions that re not needed in emergencies, such as digestion, sex drive or growth.

After going through a stressful situation, cortisol levels should drop. However, this is not always the case. The body, for reasons that are not clear to researchers, can continue to maintain high levels of cortisol. Modern lifestyles encourage such situations.

Persistently elevated cortisol levels can cause heart damage or sk ry, so the fact that stress and higher levels of cortisol in the body can affect memory and functioning m The increase in stress is not at all surprising. People who suffer from a syndrome of Cushing’s disease, which ry associated with high cortisol levels, often experience a problem mend memory, attention, mood disorders and depression.

The analyses used a database from the government’s Framingham Heart Study, during which Thousands of wasps have been studied b. Dr. Justin Echouffo-Tcheugui, et al he author of this publication, along with a team of scientists analysed data from 2231 people b average age 49 years. Each of the participants The analysis involved more than 2,000 healthy volunteers who underwent psychological, memory, and mental ability tests. Each participant went through the same tests again eight years after the first study. Participants also provided pr bka of blood for analysis, and about 2,000 of them had an MRI of m of the brain, in which rym was checked its volume.

As mentioned earlier, the researchers found that people with high cortisol levels had lower scores on memory tests than those with normal cortisol levels. High cortisol levels were r also associated with lower total m zgu.

Echouffo-Tcheugui admitted that this analysis is only a fraction of what can cause persistently high cortisol levels with the human body. Given the known harmful actions associated with it, physicians and the public should pay attention to It signals the body to react – fight or flight from.

– Our study found memory loss and shrinkage m zgu in middle-aged people before symptoms began to show in normal daily activities, Echouffo-Tcheugui said. – Therefore, it is important for people to find ways to reduce stress levels. Reducing stress can have a number of benefits whether you achieve it through exercise, relaxation techniques or asking your doctor about cortisol-reducing medications – added.