PW-Sat2 enters a race worth hundreds of billions of dollars

PW-Sat2 enters the race worth hundreds of billions of dollars

The global growth sector of the space industry and services reached $345 billion in 2016. Polish solution has a chance to conquer this market. The main goal of the PW-Sat2 mission – the satellite built by the students of the Warsaw University of Technology – will be to test the deorbitation sail. The future solution will help to reduce the problem of so-called “black spots. Space junk – devices that have completed their missions but remain in orbit, threatening active orbiters and the International Space Station.

According to a study by Global Space Industry Dynamics (a research report by analyst The value of the global space sector is made up of more than $86.25 billion in government investment and $258.75 billion in private investment (see Bryce Space and Technology for the Australian government). In the subb Nearly 50 countries are investing in space, nine of which have more than $1 billion The first mission was carried out by the Polish Space Agency in the first half of 2007. 100 million in dollars in a year. Currently, 80 countries have their own satellites.

As a result of more and more intensive exploration of the near space there is a creation of space junk. In 2013, the. Up to 2000 km above the Earth, the presence of ok. 7000 satellites The project was carried out in Poland (of which there were only 1,200 operating), 20 telescopes e believe in innovation and its impact on the environment The result of the growing exploration of near space is a number of satellites, including the Apollo rocket modules and 32 nuclear reactors The estimated m The company’s goal is to launch another 1500 satellites in the coming years . This indicates that the solution to the problem of debris in orbit, proposed by tw rc The application of the deorbit sail in PW-Sat2 has a commercial potential of. Aspirations to play an important role in the space sector have r The trip was also supported by Future Processing and FP Instruments from Gliwice, strategic partners in the construction of PW-Sat2. Both sp The companies in the FPSpace consortium have their own space programme.

– The purpose of the deorbitation sail is to increase the satellite’s surface area, and thus its aerodynamic drag, so that PW-Sat2 will lower its orbit and eventually burn up in the atmosphere. Such a system allows to accelerate ok. release the space on orbit 20 times after the completion of the satellite’s mission. The use of deorbitation systems on future satellites will help solve the problem of space debris. We are convinced that a successful test will help to improve the performance of the mission e are looking forward to the future commercialization of our solution – m i Inna Uwarowa, project coordinator.

The deorbitation sail is not the only example of a project created by Polish engineers solutions, which re has a chance to conquer the space sector. Our own mission pn. Intuition-1 is implemented by the Silesian FPSpace consortium. They are created by the sp The financial support for the trip was provided by Future Processing and FPInstruments – strategic partners of the PW-Sat2 project and KPLabs. The objective of the Intuition-1 mission will be to conduct Earth observations using a satellite equipped with a hyperspectral instrument and advanced data processing on board. Improvement of the quality of the satellite images and image segmentation The data processed in this way will allow to The launch of the next 1500 satellites, i.e hich will be monitored by Intuition-1. The data processed in this way b will find applications in many sectors, such as agriculture, environment, and the environment mining and geology or defense industry.

Future Processing funded and provided software for the on-board computer, i.e "m zgu" PW-Sat2.

– Rozw software that re controlling the operation of a satellite, it is an interesting challenge. We have to deal with many limitations, which The mission will not be accomplished if any error is made, which is not the case with typical systems – Jarosław Czaja, CEO of Future Processing, commented on the company’s involvement in the project.

A successful collection of the rka money to buy tickets Both of them are the most important in the world ra will enable students to see with their own eyes the launch of Falcon 9 rocket with PW-Sat2 on board. We managed to collect more than 100 percent of the. The trip will be supported financially by the Ministry of Science and Higher SSW Pragmatic Solutions law firm.

– Innovative technical thought, which ra is globally recognized and contributes to the development of the space industry – there is no initiative that ra would more accurately reflect the strategy of SSW Pragmatic Solutions. For a decade now, our company has been going beyond the usual thinking about legal consultancy, because we offer our clients more than they expect. We believe in innovation and its role in economic, scientific and even scientific progress – I do not hesitate to use this word – civilization. We keep our fingers crossed for projects such as PW-Sat2, because we see in them a similar bold and innovative approach to reality – m i Barbara Lenarcik, Director for Research. marketing and business development with SSW Pragmatic Solutions. The trip was supported by r The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Warsaw University of Technology.

Student success appreciates prof. dr hab. Eng. Janusz Frączek, dean of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautics, Warsaw University of Technology, kt r e would like to submit to the President of the Council of Ministers for approval.

– Students from the Student Astronautical Association (SKA) have achieved what is the dream of many engineers – have a chance to place a satellite of their design into orbit around the Earth. I am particular lnie proud of this achievement, because SKA is the largest student scientific association in Poland, so advanced in space activities. I hope that students will be even more eager to start studies in the field of Cosmonautics in our Faculty. The UN report shows that international efforts to reduce the ozone hole are paying off, as they open up many great opportunities for graduates to develop their own interests and find an attractive job in the future – m i prof. dr hab. Eng. Janusz Frączek.

In the context of a number of events, taking place in November under the auspices of a slogan „Poland in Space – cosmic november”, The President of the Polish Space Agency Ph. Grzegorz Brona said: – We are very much rooting for the success of the student experiment The colour of the crowns is, of course, selected according to the colour of the. This project is important for the Polish space sector with dw ch cause . First of all, it is part of a global trend to seek an effective solution to the problem of the growing amount of space debris. Secondly, it is a measure of potential and ambitions of Polish students , who ho supply the domestic space industry. A growing national space industry needs talented, motivated, well-prepared engineers . Polish Space Agency is implementing and intends to undertake a number of activities to build these cadres – They have been included in the National Space Program for the years 2019-2021, which ry by the end of 2018. We would like to submit for approval of the Prime Minister . I hope that after launching this project In the support, Polish students, instead of searching for funds, will be able to focus on their substantive work, and their ambitious projects, on which they will be able to concentrate, will be able to concentrate The realization of which can benefit the entire national space sector, will not be threatened.