Why do we treat urinary incontinence as a taboo subject?

Why do we treat the problem of urinary incontinence as a taboo subject??

In the case of the inguinal hernia, the inguinal hernia of the inguinal nerve is the result of the inguinal hernia of the inguinal nerve, which is the result of the inguinal hernia of the inguinal nerve. Modern medicine is no longer powerless in the face of most diseases. We, as patients, are also becoming more aware and are not afraid to undertake treatment. Usually. There is one condition whose existence we completely deny – especially when it affects us. We are talking about urinary incontinence.

The problem of urinary incontinence under surveillance

It is high time to talk openly about NTM, or urinary incontinence. Because in the popular consciousness there is still a belief that problem of urinary incontinence applies only to persons The problem of urinary incontinence is a taboo subject for the elderly, in particular urinary incontinence. And there is no point in discussing it, because in the end this is the natural course of things – The body ages, and this has certain effects, m.in. as incontinence. Ot urinary incontinence!

The problem with incontinence, although it does indeed largely involve os b older and statistically more often faced by women, it can actually appear at any age, as in women, as in men. There may be many reasons for this – from weak pelvic floor muscles as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, through prostate gland growth in men, to cystitis, neurological disorders or excessive drinking and in a caffeine-containing. The occurrence of NTM is also facilitated by: smoking , sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity, and even taking some rych drug The most important of these is the use of other drugs (primarily those with a diastolic or diuretic effect). So as you can see, NTM has a much broader scope and is now recognized as a social problem. However, we still do not want to think about it ow. We pretend it doesn’t exist.

Urinary incontinence – a taboo subject

Undoubtedly, despite numerous campaigns, the problem of urinary incontinence ur and the researcher’s hope is that NTM will become a forbidden subject. This is mainly because it is an intimate ailment, very embarrassing for those who and they have to deal with it. The consequences of urinary incontinence are difficulties in maintaining hygiene, which is no longer socially acceptable.

However, it is important to change the way b thinking to help e should not be afraid to tell ourselves or people in our immediate environment who are suffering from NTM of people with NTM. So the first step is to go to the doctor. He makes the diagnosis, determines the cause, and on this basis implements the most effective treatment, depending on the individual case.

Urinary incontinence causes not only physical, but also psychological discomfort. As a result, NTM patients withdraw from social life, their mood and self-esteem are significantly reduced. To change this, it is worth reaching for specialized products, such as. insoles or TENA absorbent underwear. The advantage of products products is that they absorb moisture, leaving the skin is pleasantly dry and clean and at the same time absorbs unpleasant odours, which also contributes to a feeling of comfort and safety.