How to get the most money for your gold

How to get the most out of’silver for your gold ?

When’It is a question of placement solutions, the’investment in gold’gold is at the top of the list. Investing in the’The fact that you can sell gold, in addition to giving you many financial opportunities, is considered relatively profitable. It makes’Gold is also a safe haven, allowing you to secure part of your wealth during times of crisis.

The yellow metal is also very convenient, because you can use it to buy gold’s currency’How to get the most out of any country. How to get the most out of your gold’money when you buy it’an exchange with’gold ?

How to know the value of your gold ?

In order to’get the most out of your website’money in exchange for gold’gold in your possession, you must first have an idea of its value. To do this, you need to go through a few more or less simple steps.

S’it s’acts of’gold objects such as jewelry

For gold objects such as jewelry, for example, you must pay attention to a few details. Given that’it is not’In this case, the weight is not to be less than 995 thousandths’pure gold, but moreôt d’In order to determine the carat number of each alloy, it is up to you to determine the carat number of each item the quality of the metal used. This operation consists in identifying the number of carats of each object.

To do this, you will need to examine the standard hallmark engraved on each item’them. It is’acts d’a mark whose shape tells you the number of carats of your jewel. It is usually very small.

We recommend you to use a gold coin’a magnifying glass to quickly locate it. When you see a seahorse, it means that your gold object is in good condition is made of’24 karat gold and 99.9% pure.

When the’You can see a seahorse head’eagle, it’is of the’18 karat gold and 75% pure. In the case of’When you see a cloverleaf-shaped hallmark, you are looking at a piece of 9-karat gold jewelry. In other words, it contains only 37.5% of the gold you buy. After noting this data, the next task will be to weigh each object, making sure to note its weight. With very accurate online simulators, you can then get the best results the value of each piece of jewelry by its weight and the number of carats it contains’it presents.

As a’example, the’24 carat gold is sold for 54.74 euros per gram. Simply enter the weight of your object in the simulator to know its value. To simplify your task even more, you have the possibility to get closer to professionals in the field of jewellery’gold.

A transaction d’gold for gold’silver You can buy gold at a gold redemption specialist’Gold in Grenoble, at the foot of the Alps.

S’If it is a question of gold ingots or coins’gold

It is possible that you have some money to invest’gold alloys’investment. They are ingots or coins of 9 carats’gold that have a well-defined purity. In the first case, it must be greater than or equal to 995 thousandths.

In the second case, you need’it is at least equal to 990 thousandths. For the coins particularly, l’The year in which they were struck also counts.

With the’gold of’The first is a document that provides you with all the information about the investment account that is not available in physical form, the investment process and how to use it’identification of the value is relatively shorter. All you have to do is to weigh all your gold. Once you have the weight in your possession, you have the choice to use an online simulator or to contact experts in the field of buyback.

Search for reputable buyers in your area

Generally, the’estimation of the value of the property’The purchase of gold is carried out with one goal in mind: to resell it. If this is your goal, then you will need to find buyers. In order to limit the risks of fraud and deception, the seller must be informed of the nature of the transaction’The best way to do this is to turn to those who have a proven track record of success’of impeccable seriousness.

To find them, consider a few criteria.

These will allow you to make an objective selection. First of all, Check the reputation of the buyers The second is a document that provides you with all the information about the investment account that is available in physical form, the investment process, and the type of buyer you want to consider. If this is not the case’If the offer is not good, the best solution is not to buy.

It is best to only deal with specialists who are known for their professionalism and transparency.

Secondly, it is advisable to take an interest in the various means of payment that are offered to you. These must facilitate a secure transaction. Therefore, buyers who only offer payment in cash should be avoided. Wire transfers and checks are much more advantageous options. Finally, it is important that buyers are able to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and experience to make the right choice’You must be present and have some expertise.

They must have the knowledge required to examine and evaluate your jewelry Evaluate l’gold in your possession in a minimum of’steps.

Get several quotes before choosing a buyer’gold

It is not advisable to finalize your transaction with the first buyer’or who makes you a proposal. By rushing into it, you risk passing by a third partyôs reputation’more interesting offers. We therefore suggest that you approach several experts who meet your criteria.

You will then be able to ask each of them for a quote’It is not advisable to finalize your transaction with the first buyer’operation.

In this way, you will not have to worry about your jewellery’You’ll have no trouble making the right choice compare the various possibilities that are offered to you. After a good analysis of each proposal, you will be able to make a decision’If you do, you will be able to choose the one that is truly beneficial to you with more peace of mind.

Selling gold

Make sure you understand the sales process

It is important that you become familiar with the sales process to make sure you are dealing with the right professionals. When you turn to the’one of them’If you find that certain steps are not being followed, you may choose to turn to another expert.

At the sale, it is mandatory that you be present. In other words, it is impossible to buy’to carry out a transaction for the investment account’A third party. You need to be present and present documentation of’valid identity. They will be photocopied by the’It is not advisable to finalize your transaction with the first buyer for security reasons. It is possible that’a certificate of’You will also be asked for authenticity documents.

It is not’However, this is not mandatory.

Another very useful detail is that you have 48 hours to complete the transaction to validate the transaction. If during these two days, you decide to retract your purchase, the buyer is obliged to return it’the buyer is required to return your gold to you. Several reasons, including the possibility of’The best offer is to change the year in which they were minted’notice.

Make sure you’get a written estimate and receipt for your gold jewelry

It is unwise to finalize the transaction without having certain documents in your possession. Thus, for the sale of your gold jewelry, you must absolutely have an estimate and a receipt. The first one is a document that provides you with all the information about the transaction’You can then ask each of them for their offer for the repurchase of your jewelry.

It has for rôIt will tell you the amount of money that will be paid to you at the time of the payment’operation. When the amount mentioned suits you and you go to the end, you must get the second document. It acts as an acknowledgement of payment and attests that you have given up your jewels for a sum which is naturally specified on the document.

If you don’t’are not satisfied with the’offer, can you negotiate with the’buyer ?

When you receive a quote, there is no obligation to accept it’accept. If the’offer doesn’t suit you, you can do better: renegotiate it. It is indeed possible to discuss again with your buyer to push him to reconsider his proposal.

S’it is of’If you agree, it will offer you a new quote for your video’making sure everything is right for you. If this is the case, you can then proceed to finalize the transaction and you will receive a receipt. Negotiation is a card that you should not be deprived of, it allows you to make the transaction l’operation for your benefit.