The opening effect 10 keys to successfully open our business

10 keys to successfully open our business

In any company, the first day of’The business is exciting, with expectations for the future’future, with the desire to’have a first customer…. But in retail, in addition, the first day is “the big day”, the day to raise the shutter and make a good impression; and with the right management, it will enter the’story as the day, the week or maybe the month when he had “the’opening effect “.

You could set the’s effect’opening as the’The strategy of online casino is a business activity without historical precedent (i.e. the opening of a new casino)’The first day is your first day) that is generated through the use of the internet’waiting and promotional development that is able to build your own retail brand.

Easier for powerful brands

For famous brands, the’effect of’The opening of a new store is almost “self-explanatory” because between their strong advertising presence or their impact on society and word of mouth, the target population knows perfectly well who they are’What does the new store bring to them?. The brand name’s expectations’announce who they are, everyone already knows.

The strategy of’opening of’a great retail brand is usually to adopt the following strategies:

Strong local communication plan with date of launch’opening and main launch offers. We give it a festive look like “you are the one”’We are the first company that you have asked for and finally we open a store in your city”. Have to’spectacular offers in the first few days that facilitate the traffic of visits.

Have a lot of stock to be able to sell the maximum.

Conduct family activities to generate greater local impact: attractions and games for children, training workshops for customers, demonstrations, etc.

What to do if my store is a small business ?

You can be a store with a new brand, small or without a certain notoriety and have a great effect on the market’opening. But really your concern should not be what happens that day, week or month to set an isolated sales record, but that their good work and their ability to win customers get that record is constantly surpassed.

It’s not’s not about’Have great resources, but don’t have to’have to’This is the attitude needed to start building some expectation of your opening. This time of year’The opening should also be included in the plan to get it back’business.

Ten actions to achieve a grand opening with few resources:

  • As soon as you have the business premises, put up a large sign on the front of the building indicating your grand opening’The best salesperson is not about getting the first visit to your business: who you are and what you are going to sell. If you are sure of the date, it will also be indicated.
  • It’s time to contact influencers and groups that might be potentially interesting and get them involved in our next opening. They will certainly be happy that you are opening a store that meets their tastes/interests/needs.
  • Your closest neighbors may be your best customers. Prepare a presentation flyer to be mailed or better yet, go door-to-door in your street or neighborhood. You can also include in this diptych a special discount coupon for the first few days, exclusive for your neighbors. Beware of the person who does the door to door delivery, as this will be the first image of your new business for many people.
  • You are making a difference’s most important purchases’actions to start…. negotiate good products at the best price and no’don’t be afraid to sell with almost no margin ! Have a good product hook as an offer to your customers’opening can be a good idea.
  • Become strong in social networks. Almost from the beginning of the work or reforms of your new business, you must be present in social networks, make noise and gain followers who later can be customers.
  • N’don’t be afraid to’It’s not about having to invest in advertising on Facebook for very little money’You can get more money for your business’excellent results. In addition, you should think about the’importance of’Expand your store into e-commerce, which should be your next and immediate necessary step.
  • Your most immediate network of contacts should be your largest network of contacts’ambassadors ! All your family, friends, acquaintances and contacts should know when you are opening, what you are selling and why your store will be the best in town. Enthuse them with your energy and they will do the rest.
  • Choose the best possible dependents. The best salesperson does not’is not the one that sells the most, but the one that sells the best. Look for good customer service qualities in candidates, as this should be the most important thing you can do’one of your distinctive signs.
  • Sales and product training: your store team must be perfectly trained to transmit your brand values from day one, to serve the customer with the highest standards of customer service, and to provide the best possible service’excellence that you brand and be a perfect product connoisseur.
  • I’m sure your suppliers will give you a hand with product training to help you sell more.
  • Encourage and motivate your team to make every sale the most important one of the day and make every customer feel the most important in the world. It’s not’The best salesperson is not about getting the first visit’It’s not about having a client, it’s about having a client’Act to get it back.
  • Take advantage of the business, the contact with customers, the satisfaction of’offer a solution to their needs. If you have people in your care, remember that you are like a mirror for them and that your value is in the eyes of the customer’example is fundamental, both in the way you serve your customers and in the way you move around the store. It’s time to start selling and building loyalty.

The cost of these actions is very low, which’you need to, c’is the’attitude and willingness to take action’Dazzle from day one, without complexes or fears for the big operators. it n’There is that’one date only’opening and it goes for all !